Research & Development

We are able to make all these efficient and reliable moulds because of our continuous technological research and all our past experiences.

For this we follow the step by step procedure.

  • First we understand the exact requirement of our customer. For that we take references of their sketches, dummy models etc.

  • After this we do the product designing considering all above points and make 2D drawings as well as 3D models.

  • While doing the engineering drawings as well as 3D models we also consider in mind that the product should be feasible to make the mould as well as the mould should not be too complicated to function.

  • After the approval of model of the product from customer we generally make the pilot mould for the same.

  • With the help of this pilot mould the customer gets the samples with which he can take various line trials for leakage, hinge functioning, auto capping, dispensing of product etc.

  • This pilot mould also help us to know exact shrinkages, cycle time and functionality of mould.

  • After the pilot tool we can start the production tool considering all the factors which we have experienced during the whole procedure.

All Our Moulds are Multi-cavity

  • Ranging from 2 - 24 cavities,

  • Hardened up to 50/52 HRC (Material- Stavex, H13 )

  • Our main plates are also pre-hardened material (P-20 grade)

  • Surface treated (anti- corrosion) for rust prevention.

  • In addition, treatments like nitriding and Pvd coating are offered on inserts.

  • Our balanced cooling and use of materials like beryllium copper Also plays a significant role in reducing the cycle time.

  • We developed our in- house HOT RUNNER SYSTEM range from 1 Drop to 16 Drop, to timely delivery and able to easily provided services to the customer.

These processes guarantee our moulds to perform at least a million shots without the need of an overhaul.

Looking forward for long term business relationship